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Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa Courses - Workstation setup promoting stress management and well-being.

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Mental Health First Aid

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In order to improve the quality of the mental health first aid techniques being taught to the public in Face-to-FaceBlended Online, and eLearning Courses. They're based on the Guidelines  MHFA Course development,


Facts about panic attacks 

  • More than 25% have at least one panic attack in their life.

  • People with anxiety disorders are more prone.

  • Few go on to develop panic disorder or agoraphobia 

  • Not all panic attacks are triggered by something specific

  • They're fighting but not dangerous.


Take the time to find out information about panic attacks with MHFA GUIDELINES.


How do you know if someone is experiencing depression? ​

It is important to learn about depression so that you are able to recognize these symptoms and help someone who may be developing depression.


Take the time to find out information about depression with MHFA GUIDELINES.



Language when talking about suicide 

It is important to think about the way we talk and the terms we use.

  • We never say that a suicide attempt was "successful" or "unsuccessful"

  • We talk about "rates of suicide", or someone who "died by suicide"

  • We don't use the therm "commit suicide". Instead, we say "died by suicide". 


Take the time to find out information about suicide with MHFA GUIDELINES.

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Navigating Mental Health and
Anxiety in the Workplace

By Vikki Paealiki

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two-day Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa Workshop

This two-day Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa Workshop (licenced by Te Pou) can be tailored for your organisation - ie. apply your company values and current wellbeing practices.

Would like to know how to book an inhouse Mental Health First Aid Aotearoa Workshop? Get in touch. Nothing is impossible, nationally.

Why not have a friendly chat with an instructor today who can answer any questions you might have?


We are open until 5pm Weekdays where you can speak directly to a trainer,

and we offer weekend email support.

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